Membership Information

The annual FISAF membership framework is an affiliation program which enables FISAF to collect important information about its registered members around Australia.

This information forms the basis upon which FISAF can provide relevant and useful products and services to its members. Examples of such products and services include:

  • online services (such as memberships, event ticketing etc)
  • member updates
  • sport development and promotion
  • education and training
  • process and systems improvement.

All athletes, coaches and judges are required to have a valid membership in order to participate in any event.

For a step by step guide on how to complete your online membership go to Documents.

Individual Memberships

  • All coaches and judges must hold a valid individual membership
  • Any athletes who compete in the Elementary Stream, National Stream and/or International Stream must hold a valid individual membership.

School Stream Memberships

  • School Stream memberships are required for all athletes and coaches who participate in the School Stream competition
  • Athletes who already hold an individual membership to compete in the Elementary, National and or International Stream, are not required to also hold a School Stream membership.  The individual membership is the only one required in these cases.
  • Further to the above point, athletes who hold an Individual membership should not be included in the School’s Athlete/Coach School Stream Membership totals when purchasing the membership.

Memberships can be purchased online via the FISAF Australia Store.


(Inc. GST)
Individual MembershipsPer Person

Schools Stream MembershipTotal # of Athletes & Coaches

0-10 = $70
11-20 = $120
21-50 = $170
51-80 = $250
81-100 = $300
100 + = $350

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