This stream is designed exclusively for schools, to encourage and support students and teachers from around Australia to compete in FISAF State and National Championship events. FISAF Events provide competition opportunities from a beginning level to an international level through a progressive structure.

The Australia School Stream is run in conjunction with FISAF events across Australia. This stream has been implemented to assist schools to enter the FISAF association at the base level through a more simplified approach.


Updated: 06-Dec-2018

This Document provides all the Schools Stream Rules & Regulations for 2019.


FISAF Australia would also like to offer all its schools any assistance they may need in organising their school teams and competition season.

This includes:

  • Sending a FISAF Australia representative out to your school for a FREE once off ‘getting up and ready’ workshop or meeting.
  • Assisting schools is sourcing experienced coaches for ongoing coaching support or one off workshops.
  • providing feedback and assistance with understanding rules & regulations
  • providing assistance with the registration or entry process
  • Recommending suppliers for leotards, training gear, competition shoes, sock & stockings.

If we can be of any help to you, to ensure your FISAF experience is an enjoyable and as simple as possible, please contact us!

Pre Choreographed Packages

FISAF Australia has developed a pre-choreographed routine for both Primary and Secondary age divisions. These routines are provided with a set piece of music, a routine move breakdown, a video of the routine, and a dedicated section in which these teams compete. This program is designed for school teachers or new coaches who are not quite ready to choreograph a routine. This section is an entry-level routine, and is suited to teams who are new to the sport. This also assists in the development of technique and execution of choreography and entry-level skills.

The Pre-Choreographed Package can be purchased from the FISAF Australia Store: CLICK HERE