2019 FISAF Australia Memberships

All Athletes, Coaches and Judges must have a valid 2019 FISAF Australia Membership in order to participate in any event.

The FISAF Australia Membership framework is an affiliation program, ensuring FISAF has a database of all its members Australia-wide and allowing FISAF to provide its members with beneficial goods and services. FISAF Australia exists to serve its members and is dedicated to the development, promotion and regulation of Sports Aerobics and Aerobic. All Individual & School Stream memberships must be renewed annually.


  • All Coaches’ & Judges MUST complete an individual membership.
  • Any athletes’ who compete in the Elementary Stream, National Stream & OR International Stream MUST complete an individual membership.


  • School Stream memberships are strictly for those athletes/coaches participating in the ‘School Stream’
  • Any School Stream athlete who also competes in Elementary, National & or International Stream must complete an Individual Membership.
  • Athletes who complete a FISAF Australia individual membership do not need to be included in the total athlete/coach School Stream membership total.

2019 Memberships are available to purchase from our Services/Shop Tab: CLICK HERE

  • Individual Membership ‘How to Use’ Guide (For Judges, Coaches, International/National/Elementary Stream Athletes): CLICK HERE
  • Schools Stream ONLY ‘How to Use’ Guide (School Stream Athletes ONLY): CLICK HERE