All National Stream & International Stream entries must include a FRF for each competitor/athlete.

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  • FRFs (Including Elementary Athlete Forms/Skills Lists) MUST be submitted via email on the due date of entries. No Grace Period Applies.
  • FRFs are required in TWO (2) versions in 2017.
    • .PDF format
    • .FRF format (necessary for skills judge)
  • FRFs must be sent to the following email address: Failure to send to the accurate email address will result in a non-submission and will not be accepted.
  • Please see attached document “How to Save a FRF as PDF”. Please note: other coaches are choosing to use Phone App’s which take photos of the FRF and turns it into PDF.
  • Please note: FRFs must be clearly Labelled as: AthletesName/TeamName_Section_Stream.pdf”.