About Us:

FISAF is the Federation of International Sport Aerobics & Fitness.   Inspire Events Australia is the specialised Member for FISAF International and provides the Australian Events of the International based competition.  This provides opportunities for Australian athletes to represent their country at the World Championships in sport aerobics & Fitness.


Inspire Events Australia is an independent, democratic organisation dedicated to the delivery of FISAF events in Australia. Alongside the FISAF Australia Advisory Panel, which is the national governing body for sports aerobics & fitness. We are dedicated to the development, promotion and regulation of sports aerobics & fitness competitions. We do this by ensuring the enforcement of fair and equitable rules and procedures, and by endeavouring to advance the level of sports aerobics & fitness in Australia from novice junior level to international competition.


Together with the advisory panel, we aim to make FISAF the country’s most successful and influential aerobic, & fitness organisation.  We are committed to the development of aerobics & fitness both nationally and internationally. We exist to serve our FISAF Australia members.

Values :


Recognising the contribution people make to Sport Aerobics & fitness, treating them with dignity and consideration, as well as caring for the property and equipment they use.


Operating in the spirit of the rules, never taking an unfair advantage and making honourable and informed decisions at all times


Taking responsibility of own actions and being a role model at all times


Encouraging healthy and safe procedures, and preventing and reporting dangerous behaviour whilst demonstrating concern for others