FISAF Australia is an organisation whose objective is to ensure sport aerobics & fitness is carried out in a planned and efficient way. In particular FISAF Australia will:

  1. Serve as the coordinating body for sport aerobics & fitness activity in Australia
  2. Exercise jurisdiction over state and national activities, sanction competition held in Australia; and promotes international competition.
  3. Encourage, promote and further develop physical fitness, sportsmanship and public participation in sport aerobics & fitness competition and activities in Australia.
  4. Educate and train members and the public with respect to sport aerobics & fitness competition.
  5. Assist organisations and individuals concerned with the development of programs for athletes in sport aerobics & fitness competition, and provide services for members.
  6. Provide a system of Rules and Guidelines with which to govern sport aerobics & fitness at the state and national level, along with an effective means of enforcing them, and a judicial process that is fair to competitors while providing for optimum integrity within the sport.
  7. Disseminate and distribute, or otherwise make readily available to athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators and officials, in a timely manner the applicable Rules and Guidelines; and any changes to such Rules and Guidelines of the organisation; and provide for the swift and equitable resolution of conflicts and disputes involving its members
  8. Establish organisational “shared understanding” through the organisation’s values and related systems and procedures.
  9. Further develop interest and participation in sport aerobics & fitness throughout Australia and work with affiliate organisations, and other user groups to encourage participation.
  10. Further develop the education support for all coaches and judges including a clear accreditation framework and competency maintenance program.
  11. Protect the right of any athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator, or official to participate in sport aerobics, fitness and hip hop competition; and provide an equal opportunity to athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, and officials to participate in sport aerobics, fitness and hip hop competition without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, age, sex, or origin and with fair notice and opportunity for a hearing to any athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator, or official before declaring such individual ineligible to participate.
  12. Provide effective and timely communication via website ( ) and other social networking mediums to every level of athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator, or official within the sport.
  13. Serve as the National Federation for sport aerobics & fitness competition in Australia and as a member of FISAF International.
  14. Work together with FISAF International in its mission to protect competition from any form of abuse and promote its visibility to the public.
  15. Coordinate the calendar of competitions to assure FISAF level competitive opportunities domestically enhance the level of national competition in all FISAF disciplines; and provide for varying levels of state and national competition in a wide variety of disciplines to increase the breadth and depth of the sport throughout the country.
  16. Aid FISAF in its mission to help achieve sustained competitive excellence.
  17. Select and qualify individuals and teams to represent Australia at international competition and certify, in accordance with the applicable international rules, the eligibility of such individuals and teams.
  18. Provide the strongest possible Australian representation internationally including providing a selection process for each major event.
  19. Assign such powers as are necessary to the efficient and effective operation of the organisation and the management of sport aerobics & fitness.