Again this year the FISAF Australia Advisory Panel will be actively involved in the growth and development of Sport Aerobics and Fitness in Australia.

The Committee this year will include the following members:

Chairperson– Joanna Mills (Inspire Events and FISAF International Member)

Australian Head Judges– Kristy De Lore and Sandi Heard

Judging Administrator and Worlds Team manager – Tracey Speville

Sport Development Representatives– Justine Bratanavicius and Pip Mainwaring

General Members– Deidre Bryant, Gemma Macmillan and Leah Doherty


Assist with decision making: A major role of the advisory panel is to provide advice and opinions on issues, questions, concerns or ideas brought forth by FISAF Australia members, which may be outside of the decision making scope of Inspire Events Australia (As the FISAF Events managers). Each member of the advisory panel will assist with the decision making process, to ensure a fair and democratic outcome.

Assist with state events and Advisory Panel fundraising: In previous years the advisory panel has assisted with such things are funding the FISAF official floor, on-going storage of the floor, travel levy’s for judges for world events etc. FISAF Australia, provides 5% profit on state merchandise sales to the advisory panel, as well as ALL kiosk sales at events where catering can be done.

Positive Sport Development and Promotion:  An important focus for FISAF Australia is growth within our grassroots levels and schools.

Assisting with updates to our streams of competition: In order to better cater for our members and encourage further participation, each year we make amendments and improvements to our streams of competition.

This is also encouraged in the areas of event operations, FISAF Australia marketing, member services and information.

If you have a question for the FISAF Australia Advisory please email: